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Back to Work

All good things must end. In today’s lesson, we’ll take a look at someone returning to work after a nice long vacation....

Host: Chris, Spencer

Published: January 05, 2016

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Winter Gear

Brrr….it’s cold out there! In today’s lesson, we’re going to make sure all of our listeners are protected from the cold weather. Remember: you can’t enjoy winter until you’ve got the right gear....

Grammar: as_long_as
Host: Chris, Spencer

Published: December 15, 2015

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Housewarming Party

You’ve just moved into a new apartment, but it still feels a little strange and cold. What’s the best way to warm it up? Having a housewarming party of course!...

Host: Spencer, Adam

Published: November 03, 2015

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Running Late

We can’t be on time every day. This lesson is for those of us who sometimes are a little late....

Host: Chris, Spencer

Published: September 10, 2015

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How was your Vacation?

We all love vacations, including your coworkers. When you go back to work from your vacation, make sure you know how to talk about what you did with this lesson....

Host: Jenny, Chris

Published: October 08, 2014

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Taking Clients out to Dinner

Worried about your relations with an important client? Take him or her out to dinner! In today’s lesson you’ll learn what to talk about during a business dinner and when it’s time to get down to business!...

Host: Jason, Cynthia

Published: June 04, 2014

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Small Talk with the Boss

What if you have an event coming up with your boss and she suggests that you meet up or travel together? You know that this is a good chance to have some one-on-one time with her, but then what… This can’t be just an hour of silence! Thankfully, in today’s lesson, we look at how to make small talk w...

Host: John, Cynthia

Published: August 07, 2013

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Small Talk with a Co-worker

In the workplace, there are many occasions when small talk is appropriate: when you’re in the elevator with a coworker, waiting for a meeting to begin, at the copier, or in the cafeteria. Complete silence can uncomfortable andconversation of some kind helps! In today’s lesson, we look at some differ...

Host: John, Lisa

Published: July 24, 2013

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Discussing Recent Work Events

Work can be very monotonous sometimes. Occasionally it's nice to break things up with a chat to a fellow co-worker. Whether it be about the office relationships or the stressed out boss, EnglishPod will help you to speak about any work event!  ...

Published: December 26, 2012

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Talking About Yourself

We all love talking about ourselves but, listening to some else talk about themselves, well.... Let's learn how to make the other person actually interested in what you say with some new words and phrases in today's EnglishPod lesson!  ...

Published: June 29, 2012

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