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Understanding Customer Pain Points

There’s an old saying, “no pain no gain”. Customer pain points are what drives businesses, and what lead to big financial gains. We’ll talk about how to identify these pain points in today’s lesson....

Host: Spencer, Adam
Grammar: Quotes

Published: January 26, 2016

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Planning a New Product Launch Part I

Maybe you have a great product for the market, but if you don’t have a great product launch, then people might never know just how great it is. We’ll take a look at this crucial part of marketing in today’s lesson....

Host: Chris, Adam

Published: October 08, 2015

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Annual Leave

It's time for a vacation! But before you buy your plane ticket, you need to make sure it's ok with your work. But how do you ask your boss if you can take annual leave?...

Host: Jenny, Chris
Grammar: will_do

Published: November 24, 2014

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Health Insurance Plan

Do you know exactly what your getting covered with your health insurance plan? Well, in today's lesson, you'll learn how to ask questions about your health insurance coverage....

Host: Jenny, Chris

Published: July 11, 2014

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Team Building

Team building is most effective when everyone is on the same page.  The idea is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels included, valued, important and comfortable participating. In today’s lesson, we look at a lot of great team building related vocabulary and strategies....

Host: John, Lisa

Published: June 28, 2013

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Telephone Services

These days, nearly everyone has a cell phone. Mobile phones make communication convenient and easy. However, the services that come with the phone can be a little hard to figure out. Join Catherine and Marco as they discuss cell phone plans, and learn how you can get the plan that’s right for you!...

Published: January 07, 2013

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Planning for the Worst

Bird flu!  It's in the news and it's on the tip of everyone's tongue.  It's not only doctors and chicken farmers, but companies are preparing for a possible outbreak of the virus.  In this lesson, we have some useful language for talking about H5N1 (or any other virus, for that matter), and you'll a...

Published: September 11, 2012

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