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Online Dating

Are you tired of going on blind dates? Have you tried using dating websites? In today’s lesson we’ll talk a bit about online dating and how get out of a date from hell....

Host: Jason, Cynthia

Published: February 21, 2014

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In today’s lesson we are at a coffee shop and want to use the free Wi-Fi. What question do you need to ask? Hint: the answer is “I love coffee!”...

Host: John, Cynthia

Published: December 02, 2013

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Shopping Online

The web has dramatically transformed the way we shop. Do you shop online or prefer good old fashioned store shopping? In this lesson, we will hear both sides of the story. And don't forget to join us for the Task section of today's lesson where you need to give advice to someone who likes shopping o...

Grammar: once

Published: February 13, 2013

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