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To Tip or Not to Tip?

It is one of society’s unwritten rules: leaving a tip after receiving service. In this lesson we’ll discuss some tipping habits in America....

Host: Chris, Adam
Grammar: Percent

Published: October 13, 2015

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Sunday Brunch

It’s not breakfast; it’s not lunch.  It’s brunch, one of the most popular meals of the week.  Find out what people across the world will be ordering next Sunday in today’s lesson!...

Host: Chris, Adam

Published: June 30, 2015

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Introducing Yourself

Introducing yourself or others can be a big deal. What do you say when you meet someone for the first time? How do you introduce yourself? The conversation doesn't have to stop at "Hi, my name is Dave. Nice to meet you!" Let EnglishPod show you how to make a great first impression with today's lesso...

Grammar: work_in

Published: November 14, 2012

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