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Getting a Client Buy-in Part 2

In Part Two of a two-part series on client buy-in, we’re looking at just how to get your client to see your vision, and agree to your strategy....

Host: Spencer, Adam
Grammar: Sold

Published: March 22, 2016

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Getting a Client Buy-In Part I

You’ve managed to get the client’s attention, even managed to get a face-to-face meeting, but how do you finally convince them to go with your idea? In today’s lesson we’ll talk about how to get the client buy-in....

Host: Spencer, Adam
Grammar: suffixes

Published: March 10, 2016

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The BCG Growth Matrix

In the world of business, profits and revenues don’t tell the whole story. In today’s lesson, we’ll talk about another way to analyze companies and their products....

Host: Chris, Adam

Published: July 23, 2015

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Personality and Leadership

The history of the businessworld is the history of larger-than-life personalities.  Think Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, etc. In this lesson, we’ll explore the relationship between leadership and personality....

Host: Jenny, Spencer

Published: January 07, 2015

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Strategic Consulting

Business is pretty cut-throat these days. With so many economies across the world creating both new opportunities and new sources of competition, how do you make sure that your company stays afloat? Hiring strategy consultants is increasingly a popular option. But is it really worth it?...

Host: Jenny, Chris
Grammar: near-

Published: December 05, 2014

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