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Interview Skills


This course contains 10 intermediate lessons centered around how to effectively communicate in job interviews. You will be taken through the most commonly asked questions and challenges during the interview process in multinational companies. This course will prepare you and give the language and confidence you need to shine at your next important interview. Enjoy your studies and best of luck! 

Interview Skills 1 - The Introduction

Before starting a new job there is the interview process.  Sometimes there are more than one or two interviews.  Always be polite and honest.  In this lesson we teach you about the interview process. We will teach you some useful words and phrases that will make the first part of your interview go v...

Topics: work, process, resume, business, office, job_interview

Interview Skills 2 - Discussing Your Background

For those lucky few who have made it passed the initial interview there comes the second interview.  Usually this is with your potential supervisor or boss.  In this lesson you learn some typical questions asked during the process....

Topics: brief_description, educated, interview, overview

Interview Skills 3 - Education Background

Study hard and get good grades has always been a recipe for getting a good job.  Most potential employers take notice to hard working students.  In this lesson we learn how extra curricular activities and studying can pay off in a job interview....

Topics: education, extra_curricular, hard_work, volunteer

Interview Skills 4 - Talking About Work Experience

Work experience is vital for any potential employee.  The employer must know what you have done and what you are capable of doing.  Today we talk about when a potential employers starts to talk about work experience....

Topics: career, prospects, step_down

Interview Skills 5 - Discussing Reasons For Leaving Previous Position

Sometimes the reason for leaving a previous job is not always easy to explain.  There could have been a difference of opinions or you felt it was just time to move on.  For whatever the case discussing reasons for leaving a previous position is a important part of the interview process....

Topics: employment, frustrating, long-term

Interview Skills 6 - Describing One's Strengths

If you don't know what you are good at then how can you be of maximum service to a company?  The ability to describe your strengths to an interviewer is an important aspect of an interview.  Let's hear how the interviewee describes her strengths....

Topics: interview, personal_qualities, strengths

Interview Skills 7 - Describing Ones Weaknesses

Describing one's weaknesses is very tricky.  You don't want to make yourself out to be incompetent or unreliable.  However, lying is not an option.  Be open, honest, and intelligent when describing your weaknesses....

Topics: frustrated, impression, weak

Interview Skills 8 - Discussing Salary and Benefits

Once it is known that you have the job, the next step is to discuss pay.  This is important since most people want to be paid more than what the company is willing to pay.  Remember this part can make or break the job interview process.  Take a deep breath and let's discuss salary and benefits....

Topics: work, compensation, negotiate, salary, job_interview

Interview Skills 9 - Asking For Information About The Position

We are almost done with our job interview!  We have responded to some tough questions from our potential employer, and now we need to get some more information about the job that is being offered to us! Join us today and find out how to ask key questions about the job!...

Topics: work, interview, job, business, position

Interview Skills 10 - Concluding the Interview

We have finally reached the end of the interview! Everything the interviewer and the interviewee need to know has been said. Now it is time to thank the interviewer, to say a formal goodbye, and to receive information on how he will contact us with the results of the interview....

Topics: interview, job_interviews