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Intermediate English Course 2


Continue to develop your intermediate-level English skills with this course. Learn more advanced cultural nuances and grammatical patterns while preparing yourself for the upper-intermediate level.

Accepting Responsibility

Delays and mistakes can happen from time to time at work. However, when they do it's important for employees to accept responsibilty and try to make sure that it doesn't happen again. In this lesson, learn how to accept responsibility for actions on a professional level....

Topics: deadline, proactive, project_manager, project_management


Conference calls are a very common, important part of business. These calls involve more than one other person, sometimes from another company. It’s important to ensure the call goes smoothly. What can you say or do if something goes wrong? In today’s lesson, we look at how to manage a conference ca...

Topics: sales, meetings, teleconferencing, webinar, demo, phone_calls, meeting_agenda

Meeting Skills

Before you even begin planning a meeting, it’s important to first determine if you really even need a meeting to accomplish your objective. Once you’ve decided you need to hold a meeting, there are a few additional elements to consider to plan accordingly. In today’s lesson, we look at a few differe...

Topics: meeting, management, effective_meeting, training, corporate_trainer, brainstorming, professional_skills

Giving a Corporate Sales Pitch

Your phone calls and follow-up efforts have paid off, and you have made an appointment to visit a prospect in person and make a sales pitch. How can you make sure it's a success? In today’s lesson, we talk about different strategies when giving a sales presentation. We’ll cover lots of great vocabul...

Topics: sales, client, training, pitch, sales_skills, product, service, selling, corporate_sales, B2B_sales

Presenting Sales Figures

The way you deliver your sales presentation can be as important as what you say. Otherwise, you could write out your presentation and mail it to them! In today’s lesson, we look at how to present sales figures. This dialogue is loaded with great vocabulary and phrases to help you successfully delive...

Topics: meeting, office, sales, charts, data, number, maketing, trends


When the US economy went into recession in 2008, one of the first thing companies did to survive is to downsize. In today’s lesson, two colleagues will discuss what employees they need to layoff....

Topics: compensation, communication, management, redundancy, firing, severance, decision_making, corporation, downsizing, legal, law

Negotiating Service Contract Renewal

In today's lesson, you'll see how an IT sales rep closes the deal with a big client. Learn negotiating skills for your next sale!...

Topics: sales, contract, negotiation, clients, service_contract, IT_service, server, account_manager

Managing Conflicts at the Workplace

Never have a bad Monday again! In today’s lesson listen to a corporate trainer explain how to avoid negative situations at work and just get along with everybody already....

Topics: communication, tips, Conflicts

Negotiation Skills

Do you want to improve your negotiation skills? In today’s lesson, we’ll hear a professor give a lecture on negotiation skills. So listen and learn how to become a good negotiator!...

Topics: negotiation, accommodating, avoiding, compromising, bargainer