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Intermediate English Course 1


Continue to develop your intermediate-level English skills with this course. Learn more advanced cultural nuances and grammatical patterns while preparing yourself for the upper-intermediate level.

Career Development

We don’t want you to find yourself bored at work. You should always be looking for new ways to grow and learn in your career. In this lesson, we show you some great vocabulary and phrases to help you progress in your job! ...

Topics: work, career, promotion, career_planning, career_advancement

What Should I Order?

How do you decide what to order at a restaurant? Sometimes it can be hard to choose. Asking for a waiter’s opinion can really help. In today’s lesson, we will look at some words and phrases that will help you choose your next meal!...

Topics: food, wine, eating, restaurant, Italian_food, main_course, entree, appertizers

Delegating Tasks at Work

Task delegation is one of the most important management skills. Good task delegation can save you time, as well as develop and motivate your employees. Today we look at different vocabulary and phrases that will help you put your delegation skills to work! ...

Topics: meeting, work, sales, marketing, customer_support, teamwork, media, customer, job_responsibility, design, product_launch

Team Building

Team building is most effective when everyone is on the same page.  The idea is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels included, valued, important and comfortable participating. In today’s lesson, we look at a lot of great team building related vocabulary and strategies....

Topics: budget, activities, plan, events, team, team_building, proposal, discussion, manager

Presenting Sales Figures

The way you deliver your sales presentation can be as important as what you say. Otherwise, you could write out your presentation and mail it to them! In today’s lesson, we look at how to present sales figures. This dialogue is loaded with great vocabulary and phrases to help you successfully delive...

Topics: meeting, office, sales, charts, data, number, maketing, trends

Effective Business Writing 1

Get ready to learn how to write efficient business proposals, emails, memos and so on. In today’s dialogue, you’ll listen to a seminar on “Effective Business Writing.” Writing in a business setting has changed since technology made sending emails at the speed of light possible. People don’t have tim...

Topics: training, professional_skills, writing_skills, business_writing, writing, corporate_training, professional_development, writing_styles, emails, contracts

Negotiating Service Contract Renewal

In today's lesson, you'll see how an IT sales rep closes the deal with a big client. Learn negotiating skills for your next sale!...

Topics: sales, contract, negotiation, clients, service_contract, IT_service, server, account_manager

Clarifying a Client's Requirements

Ask the right questions, and you’ll get the right answers! Learn in today’s intermediate lesson how to keep your customer satisfied and keep their business....

Topics: work, business, design

Effective Business Writing 2

This is the second part of a two-part presentation. In this presentation we hear more about writing effectively. Towards the end of the presentation Diana tells us about how to write short and simple emails. So listen up and learn how to improve your writing!...

Topics: business, writing

Account Management Skills

Where have all the clients gone? That's a question no manager wants to face! In today's lesson, one manager tackles this important topic with the company CEO and learns how to provide better account management....

Topics: client, management, skills, Account, Portfolio

Project Management Skills

Stressed out managers, unite! In today's lesson, you'll listen to a senior manager giving a junior manager some practical tips. See how to take control of your team, delegate, and gain some respect!...

Topics: project_management, leadership, Delegating

Cash Flow Report

In today’s lesson we have a finance manager and the boss going over the latest cash flow statement. Listen to this lesson and learn how to walk your boss through a cash flow statement....

Topics: cash, flow, report, statement, net_income