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Elementary English Course 2


This course is designed to help you communicate in a wide range of situations with a focus on workplace and business English. You will learn how to call in sick to work, book an airplane ticket, compare people, and more.

How was your Weekend?

Breaking the ice with coworkers can be difficult, but asking about someone's weekend is a good way to get a conversation going. In this lesson, learn to talk about leisure activities and find out what others are doing....

Topics: weekend, weekend_activities, golf, biking, movies, hobby

The Life of my Grandpa

What is the story of your life? In today’s dialogue, we look at how to talk about people’s lives and their accomplishments. Do you have a story of your life or someone in your family to tell us? Simply leave a comment in the lesson discussion section. We'll get back to you with feedback!...

Topics: family, death, marriage, grandparents, immigrants, life, birth

I Got a New Job

If you learn that someone you know got a new job, what kinds of questions can you ask? In today’s lesson, we look at these kinds of conversations and learn how to ask and answer questions about work. Check out these words and phrases for talking about a new job!...

Topics: work, job, marketing, company

Working Overtime

Most of us have a regular work schedule. Sometimes we work more than planned though! In today’s lesson, we look at words and phrases about working overtime....

Topics: work, office, dinner, friends, tired, overtime

Scheduling a Meeting

We know that meetings are common in the workplace, but so are appointments in your personal life. So it’s important to understand how to schedule these! Today, we look at different words and phrases that will help you schedule your next meeting....

Topics: meeting, contract, time, phone, dates, availability, scheduling, weeks, business_trip

Calling in Sick

Everyone gets sick at some time in their life. What should you say or do if you are ill and can’t make it to work? In today’s lesson, we look how to deal with this conversation.  Learn how to talk to your boss if you have to call in sick to work....

Topics: employee, boss, management, phone, sick, leave, HR, policy

Ordering Lunch over the Phone

You can order food to eat in a restaurant, for take out or for delivery. In today’s lesson, we look at how to ask for what you want. There is a lot of great vocabulary when it comes to ordering food over the phone in today’s dialogue!...

Topics: office, price, time, eating, main_course, lunch, ordering_food, takeout, lunch_sets, soup, delivery

Booking Plane Tickets

Believe it or not, sometimes the phone is best way to research and book your flight. It’s possible to get cheaper flights or maybe just professional advice on what to reserve. In today’s lesson, we look at the language used to book plane tickets over the phone....

Topics: airport, travel, phone, business_travel, plane, plane_tickets

Buying a New Cell Phone

Buying a new cell phone can be quite an adventure. In today’s lesson, we look at how to procure information from a specialist to get the phone that’s right for you....

Topics: shopping, communication, cell_phone, technology, mobile_phone, smartphone, cell_phone_plan

Ordering Office Supplies

In today’s lesson, we have two people talking about which office supplies they need to order. You will learn to ask question like, “What do you need me to order?”...

Topics: office, shopping, number, office_supply, stationery, buying, quantity

Comparing People

Two friends talking. One has a new job and he’s talking about how much nicer his new colleagues are in comparison to his old ones.  In today’s lesson you’ll learn how to compare people....

Topics: personality, appearance, age, people, comparisons

Airport Announcement

Ready for take-off? Not quite. There’s a delay in your flight. Get all the details by listening to the airport announcement in today’s lesson....

Topics: airport, travel, Announcement, Flight

Renting a Car

Decisions, decisions! In today’s elementary lesson, see how to get the car you need (but maybe not the one you want!) at the car rental company....

Topics: rent, car, travel

Opening a Meeting

In part one of this two-part subject, learn some important phrasesto help you open your business meeting....

Topics: meeting, business_meeting, monologue, agenda

Closing a Meeting

Now you've learned how to open a meeting in a previous lesson. In part two of the subject, learn some important phrases to help you conclude your business meeting....

Topics: meeting, business_meeting, monologue