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Elementary English Course 1


This course is designed to help you communicate in a wide range of situations with a focus on workplace and business English. You will learn how to ask your co-worker to bring you a coffee, how to check in at a hotel, how to do small talk with your co-workers and bosses and much more. Start buidling your English skills and confidence today! 

Welcoming a New Neighbor

Seeing a new face in the neighborhood can be an exciting or awkward experience, depending on how you handle it. One of the hardest things is knowing what to say! In this lesson, learn about some ways to greet a new neighbor and what you might talk about if you're new in the neighborhood yourself!...

Topics: relocation, moving, housewarming, giving_gifts, spouse, relationships

I Need a Coffee

Sometimes coffee can be just the thing you need on a day when you are extra tired! In today’s lesson, we look at how to express your need for a coffee and how to ask a coworker to kindly bring you one. If you have any questions or comments regarding today's lesson, please feel free to leave a commen...

Topics: work, food, office, shopping, help, coffee, bagel, tired, colleague

Checking in at a Hotel

When we travel, we often need stay in hotels. In today’s lesson, we look at how to give personal information when in situations like this. Check out these great words and phrases to help you check in to a hotel on your next trip!...

Topics: hotel, travel, passport, check_in, form, surname, first_name, last_name, hospitality, phone_number, address

Did You Get My Email?

Sending emails is an important part of business and personal life. There is an entire vocabulary related to emails! In today’s lesson, we look at some helpful words and phrases so that you can send effective messages. ...

Topics: work, communication, email, coworker, email_language, attachments, spam

Arriving for an Appointment

When you arrive for an appointment, you usually have to tell someone you’re there. What if you’re early? Late? Or have to wait? In today’s lesson, we look at how to deal with these different situations and what you can say to the receptionist that’ll make you sound natural....

Topics: appointment, receptionist, time, self_introduction, name, polite

Showing a Friend around New York

If you were showing someone around your town, where would you take them? What kinds of things do you like to see or do when you go on vacation? In today’s lesson, we answer these questions and more! Check out all these great vocabulary words and phrases in today’s dialogue about showing someone arou...

Topics: activities, travel, itinerary, showing_a_friend_around, sightseeing, friend, plans

Small Talk with a Co-worker

In the workplace, there are many occasions when small talk is appropriate: when you’re in the elevator with a coworker, waiting for a meeting to begin, at the copier, or in the cafeteria. Complete silence can uncomfortable andconversation of some kind helps! In today’s lesson, we look at some differ...

Topics: work, office, small_talk, weekend, plans, elevator, conversation

Small Talk with the Boss

What if you have an event coming up with your boss and she suggests that you meet up or travel together? You know that this is a good chance to have some one-on-one time with her, but then what… This can’t be just an hour of silence! Thankfully, in today’s lesson, we look at how to make small talk w...

Topics: work, office, boss, small_talk, elevator, holiday

Can I Smoke Here?

In this lesson, we have one man smoking in a bar. One of the bar employees notices that he’s smoking and tells him he can’t smoke in the bar. If he wants to smoke then he has to go outside....

Topics: restaurant, smoking, smoke, smoke_free

Comparing Weather and Seasons

How’s the weather? In today’s dialogue we have two friends talking about the weather in Tokyo and New York. You’ll be learning phrases and words you can use when you are talking about the weather....

Topics: weather, seasons, comparing, preferences, warm, cold, temperature, New_York, Tokyo

How Do You Come to Work?

Two co-workers are talking about how they get to work. One person drove to work and the other walked. In today’s lesson, you’ll learn how to talk about different forms of transportation....

Topics: work, office, car, commute, bus, train, drive, distance

Can I Borrow Your Car?

In today’s dialogue, we have two friends talking. One person wants to borrow a car and the other is lending the car. Today, you’ll learn words and phrases for asking someone to borrow their car....

Topics: car, visit, borrow, need, pick_up

Formal Apologies

In today’s lesson, we’ll learn how to write a formal apology. We have an email from a company warning us that their store will be closed during the holiday....

Topics: apology, email, formality, customers, inconvenience

Credit Card Problems

You are at the shopping mall ready to buy something. But will your credit card work? Find out what to do if you have credit card problems in today’s lesson. ...

Topics: credit_card, Payment

Time Zones

Hello? What time is it there? If you have to call someone in a different time zone, today’s elementary lesson is for you!...

Topics: time_zones, EST, DST, Central_Time, Pacific_Time

Business Trip to London

Your coworker is back from an important business trip! Find out how to ask him about it in today's elementary lesson....

Topics: business_trip, London

Big Numbers

Today's lesson is a chocolate lover's dream come true! Learn how to talk about hundreds, thousands, even millions of pieces of chocolate....

Topics: sales, numbers, amount