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Beginner English Course 2


This course is designed for students who have finished Beginner Course 1 or are no longer absolute beginners. Learn how to ask for directions, talk about hobbies, talk on the phone, entertain cilents and much more in this compact course. 

I'm Lost

Wait a second, this street looks familiar. Maybe you've been here before. But then why does everything look strange? You're lost! In this lesson, learn how to ask for directions when you get lost in an unfamiliar area....

Topics: asking_for_direction, lost_on_the_street, where_is, supermarket

Talking about Family

In today’s lesson, we will learn different ways you can talk about family and jobs. We have some great words and phrases that will make this an easy and natural conversation! If you have any questions for our hosts John and Lisa, just leave a comment and they'll get back to you! ...

Topics: family, job, husband, wife, parents, grandparents, photo

Asking about Hobbies

Talking about hobbies is a great way to start a conversation and learn more about someone. In today’s lesson, we look at what kinds of questions you can ask. Plus, you can use these great phrases and words to talk more about what you like to do!...

Topics: sports, friends, movies, hobbies, weekends, reading

A Party Invitation

Have you ever been invited to a birthday party? In today’s lesson, we will look at words and phrases that will help you invite friends to your next party! Plus, we will look at how to accept or decline an invitation. ...

Topics: party, time, birthday, invitation, days_of_the_week, dates

Exchanging Money

Different countries have different kinds of currency. Understanding how to exchange money is very important if you travel abroad. In today’s lesson, we learn words and phrases to help you change money at the bank....

Topics: money, numbers, travel, exchange_rate, US_dollar, Japanese_Yen

Making a Phone Call

It is common to talk to a receptionist when you call a business. In today’s lesson, we look at how to make a phone call. Check out these great tips and vocabulary that will help you sound more natural! ...

Topics: receptionist, phone, busy, phone_call, secretary, availability

Whose Wallet Is This?

In this lesson, we look at how to ask questions about possessions. Who does this belong to? This lesson is packed with great grammar too!...

Topics: money, wallet, whose, belongings, guessing, looking_for

Are you OK?

How are you today? There are many ways to answer this question! In today’s lesson, we look at how to express how you feel. We will also learn vocabulary and phrases for different responses to people’s feelings....

Topics: office, tired, coworker, questions, feelings, hungry, sad

Making a Toast

Making a toast at a dinner or a party is a great way to welcome people or honor a special person. In today’s lesson, we look at some words and phrases that are used to make a toast....

Topics: business, toast, business_dinner, entertaining_clients

I Like Your Suit!

Complimenting someone on what they're wearing can usually lead to asking where they got it. In today’s lesson, we look at some words and phrases that are used to tell someone that you like what they are wearing. ...

Topics: business, office, shopping, suit, shirt, tie, clothes, style, color

When Is Your Birthday?

Two people have the same birthday, so they decide to have a party together. In today’s lesson, you’ll learn how to ask, “When is your birthday?” as well as other phrases related to planning a birthday party....

Topics: office, celebration, party, friends, birthday, days_of_the_week, dates, months, ordinal_numbers

Vacation Plans

Two people talking about vacation plans. In today’s lesson, you’ll learn words and phrases to have a conversation about an upcoming vacation....

Topics: flights, activities, time, itinerary, dates, plans, holiday, holiday_plans

Scheduling a Fed-Ex Pickup

Sending a document by Fed-Ex will be easy after listening to this lesson!...

Topics: document, Fed-Ex, Boss_and_Secretary

Automated Phone Message

Are you ready to fly? Listen to today’s beginner lesson, and get ready to travel with American Airlines....

Topics: travel, phone, Message

Finishing Work for the Day

The workday is finished. It is time to go home! But first, say goodbye to your coworkers. Learn what to say in today’s lesson....

Topics: office, coworkers

Credit Card or Cash

To pay by credit card or cash? That is the question! Find out the answer in today's lesson....

Topics: credit_card, cash, Payment

Welcoming New Coworkers

The new coworker is here! What will you say to welcome him? Listen closely to today’s elementary lesson for some tips....

Topics: coworker, first_day, commas

Desktop or Laptop

Are the computers at work too old and slow to use? Well, buy some new ones! Learn how to tell your IT guy to replace them right away in today’s elementary lesson....

Topics: computers, desktop, laptop