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Beginner English Course 1


This course is designed for absolute beginner students. Learn how to talk about yourself, ask for directions, count, shop and handle simple business conversations in this practical and engaging course. 

Nice to Meet you

First impressions are everything, right? In this lesson, learn about what to say to someone when meeting them for the first time....

Topics: greetings, friends, introduce

What's Your Name?

What should you say when you meet someone for the first time? In this lesson, we look at some of the first questions you should ask someone when you first meet them. Check out these great vocabulary words and phrases in this dialogue!...

Topics: meeting_for_the_first_time, introducing_yourself, asking_names, politeness

At the Store

Looking for something at the store? Sometimes we can’t find what we are looking for or we may need assistance. In today’s lesson, we will learn vocabulary and phrases that will help you ask the right questions at the store....

Topics: shopping, numbers, supermarket, fruit, bread, drinks

What Time is it Now?

It’s important to plan your schedule at work. In today’s lesson, we look at asking the time and planning for a meeting. Don’t be late for your next meeting!...

Topics: meeting, late, time, coffee

Where Are You From?

Meeting new people is a great way to practice your English! Asking people questions is a great way to start a conversation. In today’s lesson, we look at asking people where they are from. Knowing these vocabulary words and phrases will help you practice English conversations!...

Topics: friends, nationality, country, self_introduction, America, Russia, coworker

Who Is That Man?

Asking questions is one quick and easy way to start conversations and practice your English. In today’s lesson, we look at some question words. You’ll also learn how to describe people and make clarifications....

Topics: boss, appearance, man, tall, height, who

What's Your Job?

Talking about one’s job is a great way to start a conversation. A person’s job is a big part of their life so there can be a lot to talk about! In today’s lesson, we look at how to ask someone about their job....

Topics: work, job, company, self_introduction, occupation

Asking for a Phone Number

Today, we look at how to ask for a phone number. There are some common words and phrases to know. Plus, we will look at how to read numbers and sound like a natural English speaker!...

Topics: phone, phone_number, number, mobile_phone, information

Exchanging Business Cards

Business cards are recognized around the world as a way to present contact information and do business.  Today you will learn some great words and phrases to help you exchange business cards naturally. Remember to always have enough cards to give others!...

Topics: business, office, apology, business_cards, contact_information

Asking for the Bill

In today’s lesson, we have people at a restaurant. They ask for the bill, add a tip and pay the total with their credit card....

Topics: price, numbers, credit_card, eating, restaurant, bill, check, cash, tip, percentage

Can You Speak Slowly?

Today we’ll talk about how to get someone to speak slowly. In the dialogue, two people are talking on the phone. The woman doesn’t speak English very well. So she tells the man to speak slowly. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to tell people to speak slowly when you can’t understand them....

Topics: hotel, phone_calls, making_requests, speak_slowly, booking

How Many Children Do You Have?

There are two co-workers talking about how big their families are. One person has four children and the other has one.  In today’s lesson, you’ll learn how to ask, “how many children do you have?”...

Topics: family, children, kids, daughter, son

Booking a Taxi

In today’s dialogue, a man is booking a taxi through the phone. The other person asks him when he needs the taxi, where it should get him and at what time. You’ll learn words and phrases on how to book a taxi in advance....

Topics: taxi, travel, booking, reserving, cab, transportation


In today’s dialogue, we have a housekeeper knocking on the door of a hotel room. She wants to clean the room, but someone is inside.  In this lesson, you’ll learn how to tell the cleaning lady to come back later....

Topics: hotel, busy, business_travel, housekeeping, maid

Coffee or Tea?

Relax and have some tea or coffee as you learn English with today’s beginner lesson....

Topics: drinks, coffee, tea, café


In today’s lesson we are at a coffee shop and want to use the free Wi-Fi. What question do you need to ask? Hint: the answer is “I love coffee!”...

Topics: internet, online, questions, number, password, coffee_shop