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Advanced English Course 1


For advanced students of English only. These lessons cover high-level content built to push students to develop their competencies in all levels of the language, specifically specialized vocabulary and idiomatic forms of expression.

Our Target Segment

When discussing marketing strategies, we often need to figure out precisely who the target consumer is. In this lesson, learn about the different ways to talk about target consumers in English....

Topics: business, marketing, business_meeting

Just-in-Time Strategy

In this lesson, Erica and Marco are talking business. Specifically, they're talking about efficiency, cost savings, and the just-in-time strategy. Study this lesson to learn about this business strategy and  some helpful language to go along with it. Before you know it, you'll be wowing your boss wi...

Topics: management, manufacturing, supply_chain, business_strategy, financial_crisis

Performance Review I

Performance reviews strike fear into the hearts of many workers. All that time on Facebook or playing computer games may come back and bite you! On the other hand, if you have been working your pants off, it could be time for that long waited praise and pay rise. Let EnglishPod teach you how to deal...

Topics: office, performance_review, evaluation

Performance Review II

If it weren't for performance reviews, many of our leading firms wouldn't be where they are today. Good employees need to be commended to ensure the profitability of the company and sometimes performance reviews help to weed out the less desirable employees. Last time around, our employee got a glow...

Corporate Social Responsibility

Unscrupulous bankers, polluting oil companies and more, there are lots of reasons to support corporate social responsibility. In this lesson, learn how to stand up for responsible, ethical business practices in the workplace....

Topics: corporate_governance, public_image, social_responsibility, PR

Carbon Footprint

We all have a responsibility to keep the earth clean.  Everyone can chip in from recycling to switching to energy efficient appliances.  In this lesson, EnglishPod talks about your Carbon Footprint....

Topics: environment, environmental_conservation, carbon_emission, green, energy, bio_degradable, carbon_footprint, energy-efficient

Crisis Management

A company crisis can be very stressful for all parties. Crisis management involves dealing with threats before, during, and after they have occurred. It is a discipline that requires skills and techniques to identify, assess, understand, and cope with a serious situation from the moment it first occ...

Topics: PR, crisis, corporate_social_responsibility, crisis_management, media, product_recall, quality

Leadership Styles

In today’s lesson, you’ll get a thorough lecture on leadership styles and myths. This MBA professor has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to leadership style, so listen and learn!...

Topics: management, leadership, leader, organizational_behavior, corporate, MBA, lecture, theory


Did you hear about Facebook’s valuation increasing? Or Dell’s massive buy-out? Well if you haven’t we’ll keep you up-to-date on current events in today’s lesson. We’ll clarify what all this Wall Street jargon means!...

Topics: Facebook, Dell, IPO, LBO, market_cap

Non-Compete Clauses

Signing a non-compete clause? In today's lesson we'll hear a conversation between an HR director and the new senior level employee they just hired....

Topics: contract, Non-compete_clause, agreement, restricted, exception