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I want coffee!

China has the soy bean, hairy bean, and the mung bean. What about the coffee bean? In today's podcast, you'll learn how to get your daily dose, in Mandarin Chinese.  ...

Host: Jenny, Ken
Function: requesting

Published: September 17, 2014

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Buying a Coffee

Feeling knackered in the Middle Kingdom and need a pick-me-up? In this lesson, learn how to buy a coffee in Chinese!  ...

Host: John, Dilu
Topic: coffee, size

Published: May 01, 2014

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Asking for the WiFi password

In this increasingly connected world, it's important to maintain contact with friends and colleagues, even when you're outside the house or the office. Cafés all over the world cater to this by offering free or paid wifi. But how do you ask for the password in Chinese? Find out in today's super-use...

Host: Jenny, John
Grammar: can_may, again

Published: April 09, 2014

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Do You Want to Go Together?

It's time for a coffee break. In this lesson, learn how to ask your friend if they want to go with you on a trip to the convenience store for some coffee....

Host: John, Dilu
Topic: coffee, buying

Published: April 02, 2014

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Nearby Tea House

You're in China and you want some tea. Where do you go? A tea house, of course. But what happens if you can't find one? Perhaps you'll have to settle for another kind of caffeinated beverage......

Host: Jenny, John

Published: June 01, 2013

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Ordering Fancy Coffee

Sometimes ordering a plain old coffee, or even a latte isn't enough. In this lesson, learn how to get fancy with your coffee orders in Mandarin....

Host: Jenny, John
Grammar: , 还是

Published: March 26, 2013

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Coffee Shop

Whether it's early in the morning or early in the afternoon, it's coffee time. In this lesson, learn how to order a coffee in Mandarin....

Host: Jenny, Greg
Grammar: 什么, 一下,

Published: March 22, 2013

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