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Traditional Chinese Paintings

We've got a lesson rich in culture for you today. We'll be delving into the world of high art. You'll learn how to talk about art and how to talk about the authenticity of artwork....

Host: Jenny, John

Published: September 01, 2014

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The Popular Decline of Calligraphy

Calligraphy as an art form is one thing, but what about just having decent handwriting? Sadly, even that sign of "culture" is going by the wayside in modern China. Why practice penmanship when you can be happily chatting on QQ or texting on your cell phone? This is progress, right?...

Host: Jenny, John
Grammar: 自从

Published: August 01, 2014

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Signing up for Art Class

You've always admired those Guilin paintings. You know the ones... winding river, limestone mountains... with the pagoda up on the right and that bamboo raft floating by in the foreground. Sometime they get a little crazy and throw in a water buffalo over there on the left. Well, now you too can do ...

Host: Jenny, John
Function: choosing

Published: June 01, 2014

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Art Museum

Everyone knows there are a lot of fakes in China. Fake prada, fake watches, fake art students... yes, those too. So stay away from those sweet looking Nanjing Lu predators, and stick to the real art museums of China. Where treasures of jade bok choy and 50,000 renditions of West Lake lie awaiting yo...

Host: Jenny, Ken
Topic: art

Published: May 01, 2014

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