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Long Time No See!

Cliché as it may be, a good “long time no see” does wonders for reconnecting with old friends. In this podcast, we’re going to make you sound more like a local by sharing these tidbits, as well as a cooler way of saying “how are you." And how are you? In this Chinese lesson, you'll learn that in Sha...

Topic: greetings, jobs
Host: Jenny, John
Grammar: 呢(ne)

Published: March 29, 2013

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Weekend Activities

"What did you do over the weekend?" It's a great way to start conversation with a coworker or a friend in Mandarin. In this lesson, learn how to ask what someone did over the weekend, as well as some typical responses.  ...

Host: Jenny, John

Published: March 21, 2013

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Do You Like Shanghai?

Do you like Shanghai?  There may only be one right answer to this question (depending on who's asking), but there are also plenty of viable non-answers.  Learn how to navigate this verbal minefield in this Chinese lesson....

Host: John, Dilu

Published: May 02, 2012

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