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No School for Doudou

It's cold season and all the kids at the kindergarten are getting sick. In this lesson, a mother and father argue about whether or not they should take their child, Doudou, to school. It turns out to be a bit of a conflict.  ...

Host: Vera, Tom

Published: August 01, 2014

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April Fool's Day Car

It's April Fool's day and someone is about to get punk'd. Find out just what happens by tuning in to today's ChinesePod lesson all about practical jokes!  ...

Host: Jenny, John

Published: June 01, 2014

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Workplace Woes

It's a nightmarish situation that haunts office workers around the globe. A report is finished and then - poof! - it suddenly disappears! Whether it was deleted by accident or never saved properly, the loss of a document is one of the most frustrating experiences that can happen to any employee. In ...

Host: Greg, Vera

Published: April 01, 2014

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Getting Taller (Not Fatter)

Children grow so quickly - it's amazing. Especially for relatives who don't get to see their young nieces, nephews, or grandchildren on a regular basis. In today's ChinesePod lesson, we've got an uncle and his nephew who are getting reacquainted after a year of not seeing one another. Learn all abou...

Host: Jenny, John

Published: June 01, 2013

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Your turn to pay!

Sometimes we take a lesson from our own experience. While names have been changed to protect the innocent (until proven stingy), the account to follow dealing with the guy who always forgets his wallet is real. While we’re busy snickering at the (hot) water cooler, Ken and Jenny will teach you throu...

Host: Jenny, Ken

Published: May 01, 2013

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Lying in Chinese

Not that we’d ever take you for a impostor, but just in case you might need to talk your way out of something defend yourself or simply argue…all the time…like my ex…ahem. Anyway, it’s Ken and Jenny to the rescue in this lesson. In this podcast you will learn some important phrases like “you’re lyin...

Host: Jenny, Ken
Function: arguing, denying

Published: April 01, 2012

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Discussing Loan Repayment

Now we know we should “neither a borrower nor lender be”. However, we also know that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. So what are you gonna do when that friend forgets to pay you back? In this podcast, Ken and Jenny talk all about borrowing and teach you how to use Mandarin Chinese to give a f...

Host: Jenny, Ken
Function: denying, certainty, le1, jiù, gěi

Published: May 01, 2011

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