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Introducing Hotels

With only a single letter difference between “hotel” and “hostel,” a lesson in Mandarin Chinese on where you lay that head of yours whilst on the road might come in handy, lest you find yourself trying to decide on where to use that spare change (snack machine or vibrating bed). In this podcast you ...

Published: June 01, 2013

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Old Friend

Yes, we know you were the prom queen in school (and to be honest, you might not remember us--we were the weird ones that took drama very seriously). So what happens when you bump into someone from “back in the day?” In this podcast, we open that wound of high school days past and teach you how to ca...

Topic: greetings, jobs
Host: Jenny, John
Function: V___de, hái, V__bu, V_V

Published: July 06, 2012

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