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Complimentary Chinese Course


This complimentary course contains a series of Chinese lessons at different levels. You will be learning the most practical Chinese used in daily life and work. All lessons center around a core dialogue set in a high frequency situation. Two teacher presenters walk you through the key language in the dialogue in a combination of English and Chinese. Focusing on commonly used phrases and situations, you will be able to banter in Chinese even after the first lesson! 

What's Your Name?

"What's your name?" Learn how to ask this basic question in Mandarin in this lesson....

Topics: introductions, names

Good Morning!

It's the beginning of the day at a Chinese company. Say hello! In this lesson, learn how to greet people in Mandarin Chinese, ask them how they are, and reply when they ask you how you are. ...

Topics: questions, introductions, greetings

What's Up?

If we were slangpod.com, this lesson would be called 'whattup.' But for the sake of warding off potential improper English critics, we'll stick to the Queen's English just this once. Enough about English, what about Chinese? How do you greet your peeps? Listen in to this podcast and get the lingo d...

Topics: greetings

Hot Pot Chitchat

Now that it's cold out, sitting around a boiling pot of broth for hours on end doesn't seem like such a bad idea. On the contrary! It is a very appealing style of eating (which also accounts for the long lines at hot pot restaurants all over town right now). Learn how to talk hot pot in today's deli...

Topics: food, hotpot, drinking

Forks and Spoons

True, asking for a fork is pretty much "giving up" when you're living in China, but there are times when it's not so frowned upon.  And a spoon is basically always OK; eating soup with chopsticks is not for everyone.  Learn this key vocabulary in our Chinese lesson....

Topics: food, dining, restaurant, taste

Afternoon Meeting

Afternoon meetings are a fact of life in many offices, but in many companies they're on a dangerous collision course with the Chinese "afternoon nap" custom.  In this lesson, learn the key Mandarin phrases for reminding others about meetings.  As for actually staying awake in that meeting... you're ...

Topics: business, office, internet, meeting, computers

I Really Can't Sing!

The mere mention of karaoke, AKA "KTV," strikes fear into the hearts of many vocally challenged visitors to China. So often people just don't get that you CAN'T SING, and WON'T SING.  This lesson is for you guys!  We can't guarantee that these lines will work every time, but you'll learn something....

Topics: entertainment, singing

Introducing One's Children

In this lesson, learn how to introduce your children and say how old they are....

Topics: family, children

Ordering Fancy Coffee

Sometimes ordering a plain old coffee, or even a latte isn't enough. In this lesson, learn how to get fancy with your coffee orders in Mandarin....

Topics: food, ordering, coffee, size

A Complicated Cab Ride

While simply pointing at an address and saying "take me there" is more often than not enough to get you where you want to go in China, sometimes it takes a bit more effort, especially if you have a shortcut in mind or need to travel to multiple destinations. Today's lesson will teach you how to have...

Topics: directions, taxi, transportation, traffic, address