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4 Courses Available

Chinese Beginner Course I A1-Beginner

With a focus is on listening comprehension and speaking, Chinese Beginner Course I is designed for beginners with no/limited prior Chinese knowledge and with interest in China and the Chinese language. Upon completion, students will understand and use basic everyday expressions phrases in Chinese. (41 lessons)

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Chinese Beginner Course II A1-Beginner

Chinese Beginner Course II focuses on high-frequency language used in everyday communication and is designed to help beginner students transition smoothly to high level. It starts with some of the more challenging beginner lessons and transition into elementary ones. It's ideal for those who want to push past the beginner level. (31 lessons)

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Chinese Elementary Course I A2-Elementary

With a focus on high-frequency material including functional numbers and money and abstract topics like describing personalities and emotions, the Chinese Elementary Course I is perfect for newer learners looking to push their skills. Key elementary grammar concepts are introduced and reinforced throughout. (25 lessons)

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Chinese Elementary Course II A2-Elementary

Chinese Elementary Course II is designed to smooth the transition from Elementary to Intermediate, with special attention given to the specific teaching language. The Course covers common daily life topics, key grammar patterns and refined word usage, and upon completion learners will feel more confident speaking in a variety of situations. (23 lessons)

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