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Meet Our Hosts

by Omar Matadar

Posted on March 1, 2012 at 12:00 AM.

Meet the superstar team of Arabic Anywhere

Ramzi Nabulsi 

Ramzi Nabulsi, raised on vegemite and khobz, was born and raised in the country suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. His parents had migrated there from Jordan in the early 70's to start a new life in the land down under.

From an early age, Ramzi inclined towards the arts, acting, drawing, and all things Kung Fu. Interests which eventually channeled him into film making, whereupon he completed further university studies in Video Production, Multimedia, and Directing for Film and Television.

During his studies, Ramzi also directed and co-produced the award winning television show 'Salam Cafe' which received funding to be televised nationally on the popular, Australian channel SBS.

In 2006, realising his Arabic speaking skills were appalling, Ramzi, with his wife and daughter, travelled to his land of heritage to study. They found Jordan to be such a wonderful place that they intended to return when the means came to be. And that they did in 2009 till the present day.

Ramzi continues to pursue his career in educational video and audio productions and is an avid martial arts hobbyist.

Hani Dahshan

Musician, vocalist and actor. Hani is one of the leading young performing artists of Amman. Raised in the UAE of Palestinian heritage, Hani had first discovered his love for music. After spending years abroad in the U.S.A he further developed his passion for the arts participating in theater and musical performances.

Returning to Amman Hani continued his studies exploring film production to which he excelled at. Hani became sought after in short and feature length productions however Hani heard the call back to his first love, singing and music.

Approaching his renewed ambition with zeal, Hani enrolled in studies of Arabic Music in Amman while working in multimedia production. As a man of many talents, Hani's ambition in life is to produce art, in all forms, at its most original and best.

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