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Learning Arabic Tips: Typing Arabic Letters

by Omar Matadar

Posted on January 5, 2013 at 12:00 AM.

The ability to type in Arabic will open up a whole world of Arabic resources for you online.

Typing Arabic

If you are learning Arabic one of the most beneficial things you can do is learn to type in Arabic. If you have a PC or Mac you can enable Arabic through your operating system under “languages.” Choose Arabic as one of the languages you can switch to on your desktop. Alt-Shift for a PC allows you to quickly switch from one language to another. On a Mac you switch from one language to another by pressing Option-Command-Space Bar. You can also purchase stickers online to place on your keyboard keys that will indicate where the Arabic letters lie. Practice five minutes a day during your spare time and in no time you will by typing in Arabic! The ability to type in Arabic will open up a whole world of Arabic resources for you online. One such resource is an Arabic dictionary called “Almaany” and you can find the website at www.almaany.com. This site has almost any word in Arabic and both English and Arabic definitions are provided. If you have ever used a traditional Arabic dictionary this is a huge help! Well, good luck with your Arabic and we look forward to hearing how your Arabic typing progresses.

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