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The Arab Street | Learn Arabic: Herbal Remedies

by Ramzi Nabulsi

Posted on November 15, 2012 at 12:00 AM.

Forget big Pharma, the Arabs go to the garden.


So you've got a cold and not sure whether to go to the pharmacy or the backyard. Join Ramzi and Ustadha Zainab as they take you behind the scenes of how to cure illnesses the Arab way.

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The Arab Street · Learn Arabic

The Arab Street interviews get you out of the virtual class and into the vibrant context of using Arabic insitu amongst Arabs themselves. Discover how nuances of the language relate to historic customs and contemporary perspectives across an array of social venues, diverse locales, and charismatic personalities. The show hosts comment on practical tips for conversing with native speakers, while unpacking linguistic learnings embedded in everyday expressions. We hope you’ll enjoy the shows, and let us know what topics you might like to have us cover.

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