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Want to learn Arabic? Try this free course in spoken Modern Standard Arabic! Designed for the busy adult learner, you will study the most practical Arabic for daily life and learn more about Arab culture and society. Choose a topic you're intersted and dive into the lesson. Listen to the lesson audio and use various features and functions to help you further study. All lesson content is presented and translated into English to help you decipher this beautiful language and start communicating in Arabic right away! If you like the complimentary course and would like to further study with us, simply purchase a subscription. Enjoy your studies! 

Connections 1: What is your name?

This lesson teaches us a new way to say good-bye and how to negate things in Arabic. Notice how in Arabian culture men tend to do the grocery shopping....

Topics: arabic_names

Connections 2: Hello there.

This dialogue introduces more greetings, and you'll also learn how ask someone where they're from....

Topics: يعني_how_to_use_a_filler_to_pause

Connections 3: Do you have a moment?

Staying with theme of greetings, this lesson will also demonstrate how affection and politeness is shown in the Arab world....

Topics: showing_endearment

Connections 4: Good Morning.

Another beginner lesson continuing with the themes of greetings and introductions, we'll listen to a short conversation between two friends while they wait for a cab....

Topics: saying:_إن_شاء_الله

Connections 5: Where to?

In this lesson we take a look at a short conversation between Tim, an American, and his Jordanian cab driver Salih. This is an introduction on how to get to places in the Middle East....

Topics: showing_emotion_and_enthusiasm_when_greeting

Connections 6: Movie Night.

In this short exchange between an American and a Jordanian we get to see some of the nocturnal customs of Mediterranian cultures. This lesson introduces you to evening greetings....

Topics: staying_up_late_–_mediterranean_cultures

Connections 7: So long, farewell.

A great lesson that introduces you to farewells in Arabic. Arabs are well known for their generosity, and so it makes sense that they are also fond of grand statements of gratitude. In this lesson you'll learn one of the most common phrases of thanks....

Topics: saying_thanks_with_emotion

Connections 8: Are you free tomorrow?

In this lesson we're going to look at a short phone conversation between two friends that demonstrates how to form questions with the tone of your voice, oaths and how to ask someone if they're free.  ...

Topics: conceptions_of_time_in_the_arab_world