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Connections A1-Beginner

The first few words of a conversation are sometimes the most crucial. Connections is a short course that gives you the essential tools to initiate the first words of a conversation in Arabic. You will also be able to respond appropriately to a variety of situations when you are addressed by an Arabic speaker. This course is comprised of thirty-two dialogs that are designed to quickly take you from beginning to intermediate proficiency.  (32 lessons)

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Traditions 1 A1-Beginner

Learning Arabic is so much more than memorizing words and reciting verb conjugations. To learn, to be motivated to connect to others, requires a passion for culture and a respect for humanity. Traditions is a journey into the heart of Jordanian life and society. Traditions is also a story about identity and estrangement, love and conflict, ordinary life and deep passion. These are the meanings that truly unlock a language and motivate its aspirants. Traditions 1 is the first of five mini-courses that teaches Arabic through the lens of a Jordanian family living in the 21st century. The dialogs are graded so that you will learn step by step, slowly acquiring new vocabulary and grammar as you progress. The thirty-two dialogs that make up this first mini-course follow Sam, a Jordanian-American as he returns to his native land of Jordan and rediscovers his roots. The Jordan he thought he knew keeps surprising him with new revelations.  (32 lessons)

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Traditions 2 A1-Beginner

The Arabic you need to know when going to the bank, making an appointment by phone or getting a haircut is some of the invaluable Arabic you will learn in this course. It is language that you will use on a daily basis if you visit the Arab world. Traditions 2 is for beginners who have moved beyond the novice level. The greetings and introductions you learned in Traditions 1 will help you move on to new language functions such as asking for advice or talking about feelings. The drama that surrounds Sam and Rania as the dialogs unfold provides a context that will help to contextualize and make memorable the vocabulary and structures you learn. Each dialog provides a cultural snapshot of Jordanian life through the triumphs and struggles of a moderately well-to-do family living in Amman, the capital city of Jordan. (33 lessons)

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Traditions 3 A1-Beginner

Traditions III is the third part in a five part series introducing you to life in Jordan. The Arabic you learn in each podcast is tailored to a beginner-mid level. At this point you will understand the Arabic of someone who has taken a year of formal Arabic at a university. The podcasts in this course span a wide range of topics, from the famous Eid celebration of Ramadan to eating out at a restaurant to a visit to the emergency room. The drama of Sam and Rania’ story weaves these topics and situations into a tapestry that uses the Arabic language itself to convey the subtleties and nuances of Arab culture. The vocabulary and grammar you will learn is useful in the day-to-day situations that arise when living in Jordan. By the end of Traditions III you will know the main issues that face most visitors to the Arab world. The next best thing is to go there yourself! (32 lessons)

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