The story continues, and we learn in this episode that Detective Li is an eccentric man who may be hiding a few secrets. We also take a break from the murder cases as our favorite Chinese Sherlock turns his powers of deduction to the antics of some naughty neighborhood kids. [上集答案:暗号是“五木:朝阳区”。其中,“五木”就是森林公园;冒号是2点钟;“朝”是十月十日;“朝阳”指早晨、凌晨;“区”从字形上看,就是指东边出口。所以暗号隐藏的内容就是 —— 十月十日凌晨2点,森林公园东边出口。]

Maturity: General
Native: English, Target: Chinese
Hosts: John, Jenny

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