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New At Capoeira

How is it possible to watch capoeira and not want to give it a try? Even if you don’t think you could ever make those moves, there is still a part of you that at least wants to play the berimbau.  In today’s lesson we at least get you started, by giving you some Portuguese language skills related to talking about capoeira....

Grammar: Ter

Published: May 09, 2017

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What Is The Best Ice Cream?

      Ice cream is already one of life’s great pleasures, and this is even more the case in a place where tropical fruits give us even more new flavor options. So let’s talk about ice cream, your favorite flavors, your favorite places to buy it, and who to share it with....

Topic: Food
Grammar: Qual_vs._Que

Published: April 25, 2017

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What Have You Been Doing?

Of course we’d like to say that we are always productive with our time. But sometimes it’s nice just to chill in front of the TV and let the evening pass away in 100% rest and relaxation. Don’t make it a daily habit, but now and again, why not? And why not in Portuguese?...

Topic: Home_Life

Published: April 18, 2017

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X-Tudo Meu Amigo!

Forget the famous food chains, if you want a burger in Brazil, check out the guy with the corner stand.  Brazilian X-tudo comes with all the extras, and when we day “tudo” we mean everything.  Bring it on, and bring on a lesson to talk about it in Portuguese....

Topic: Food

Published: April 16, 2017

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Movie Tickets

Nowadays buying movie tickets is both easier and more difficult.  Online, pick up, download, extra charges, credit card, it’s a bit confusing.  And then there are the choices of 3D, fancy chairs, meals to order, wow!  At least after this lesson you’ll be able to order your tickets in Portuguese. The food order, that is still on you to decide....

Grammar: por_vs._para

Published: April 11, 2017

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Do You Like It Dubbed Or Subtitled?

      Some people like subtitles and others hate them. But you’ve got to consider what a dubbed movies sounds like too.  Especially when watching foreign movies, it’s just nice to hear the original voices.  No matter your preference, in this lesson we learn to talk about it in Portuguese....

Grammar: Preferir

Published: April 04, 2017

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The New Suit Looks Great

For some suit coats look sharp, and for others they simply look restricting. And no doubt, when they fit just right, they look much better.  That is the decision in today’s lesson, to buy or not to buy a new suit.  And don’t forget to get a new tie too....

Function: Buying_Clothing
Topic: Clothing
Grammar: Colors

Published: March 28, 2017

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New Possibilities When Texting

How many times to you send and receive texts per day? For some it isover 100 times, every day. Given that, we have to have a lesson aboutall the new options when texting....

Topic: Technology

Published: March 21, 2017

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Back Injuries Are The Worst

What is more frustrating than back pain? Do you rest more or stretch more? Do you exercise more, or exercise less? Do you take medicine, or stop taking medicine. We can’t relieve the pain, but we can help you talk about it in Portuguese....

Grammar: Verbs

Published: March 07, 2017

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Classic Sonnets

      There are times when we all wish that we were poets, right? Wouldn’t it be great to write verses that inspire others, or cause others to feel a certain way? Even if that dream is beyond your current reach, at least we can appreciate the poetry of others.  Today we learn to talk about the characteristics of classic sonnets....

Topic: Languages

Published: February 28, 2017

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Boarding The Plane

      Be honest, even in your native language it is hard to understand the flight announcements at airports, right? But don’t worry, we’ll get you prepared for them in Portuguese, and with luck you’ll even you're your flight and it will get off on time....

Topic: Travel
Grammar: Command_forms

Published: February 21, 2017

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Getting Into Photography

Taking pictures with modern-day cameras is a breeze, well kind of, right?  Digital camera have so many settings, if can be pretty confusing, almost enough to say that it’s easier just to use your cellphone. But don’t fret just yet, we’ll get you talking about camera’s in Portuguese!...

Published: February 14, 2017

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Posting A Video On Social Media

Aren’t you still amazed when you see that a video on YouTube has been viewed over a million times! Really, millions of hits, amazing.  In today’s lesson we’ve got people posting things on YouTube and Facebook. Oh my!...

Published: January 31, 2017

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Backseat Drivers

Backseat drivers, gotta love ‘em!  Well, not really, but in today’s lesson we at least appreciate where they are coming from, but we also learn to tell them to calm down a bit....

Topic: Travel
Grammar: Command_forms

Published: January 24, 2017

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WhatsApp or Facebook?

Every time you turn around there is a new way to socialize with others.  When it comes to chatting with friends, do you prefer WhatsApp or Facebook?  That’s the topic we tackle in today’s lesson....

Host: Orlando
Grammar: Preferir

Published: January 17, 2017

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My Brother Is Getting Married

So how weird is it when your brother or sister gets married?  I mean really, you’ve seen your brother as the little kid who tags along, and now somebody loves him enough to spend her life with him!  Yep, that’s today’s lesson, and fortunately, everybody loves the new sister-in-law....

Grammar: Adjectives

Published: November 29, 2016

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Auto-Correction In Multiple Languages

Sure, it’s convenient to be able to write in multiple languages, but sometimes the auto-correct messes you up too.  No problem, in today’s lesson we talk about how to set up your phone to type in either English or Portuguese. ...

Topic: Technology
Grammar: Command_forms

Published: November 15, 2016

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I'm Not Into Politics, But

No doubt, the current political scene in Brazil is going through a difficult period.  Still, we should be able to talk about it without being mean and ugly. That is how our people see it, and that is how our lesson flows today. Ah, if everyone could approach it this way!...

Published: November 01, 2016

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